Online Advertising Is A Disgusting Cesspool

Online Advertising Is A Disgusting Cesspool was started like 25 years ago when I was a graphic designer and I wanted to freelance. I used the site to showcase my design samples and seek clients for what was then a new world of digital advertising. While the banner may still exist, the world of internet advertising has come a long way, or devolved into a disgusting swamp. I’m leaning heavily towards the swamp.

The Internet is basically overwhelmed by just a few basic things—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google. And fuck them. Used to be you could use Google for searches. Now, it’s SEO’d and optimized and targeted so everything you search for is returned with a predatory affiliate marketer and his keyword buy to sell you some bullshit that is part of that guy’s scumbag scam to sell you some piece of shit product that nets him a commission. If you want to eke out a living on the internet, you have to pay Facebook for targeted as campaigns that they can sell you because they spent years stealing their users’ private data to make it possible. Use Google and you have to compete for keywords and game the algo so your stupid website hawking credit repair shit or penis enhancement products gets enough traffic so you make a sale of some product you wouldn’t sell to your grandmother.

This is the world of affiliate marketing. Pick up artists, digital products makers, sales funnels sluts, WordPress bloggers, e-book writers and conspiracy theorists have essentially taken over the fucking internet. It’s an ecosystem built around these bullshit models of link-building, social media sharing, PPC swarming gloppity-gook.

The original vision for Clixmedia was to help decent businesses use the concept of networked computers expand their businesses online. Now look what you’ve done. The Internet is homogenized cookie-cutter business models with a hideous lexicon of three-letter acronyms and insulting verbs and nouns that mean either nothing, or the all the same thing—technology will either fuck you up the ass or if you master it right, you can do the fucking.

It is well past time to reject this bullshit. Fuck SEO. Fuck social media. Fuck keywords. What’s that, you say? But the entire entity is tangled up in all that shit. Facebook isn’t going away. Google owns search and has twisted it up in commerce. Instagram is wrecking the entire moral fabric of what identity means to all of our young. You can’t stop that.

Fuck you.

I challenge any of you to figure out how to kick Internet ass without any of that bullshit. Decentralize this model. Reject social media as a tool for commerce. Reject Facebook for the assault on society that it is. Get your slutty daughters off Instagram and take your fucking Internet back.

Who’s with me?

As of right now, only thousands of bots trying to ping my comments with their robot bullshit are.