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Titles and Ad Units
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Sample Ad Units - Descent3

We have attempted to present ad units as they might appear in an active campaign at a network advertiser like or There's a whole lot of flashing stuff — probably more than you might normally see, but we wanted to showcase the work as well as to make it easy and convenient to view a lot of units at once.

The objective of this particular campaign was to incite interest about the release of Descent3 and encourage game demo download at the Decent3 Web site. This particular push introduces a product that follows a line of successful predecessors. In addition, Clixmedia wanted to reinforce Descent3's product branding as part of the successful Descent titles.

In the advertorial hotspot (shown along right), the objective is to present testimonials from industry professionals in conjunction with certain game elements and calls to action. The hotspot is a unique selling vehicle in that it appeals to a different consumer mentality and offers the additional value in online media buys to capture a bigger potential audience. With the case of Descent3, the game features and testimonials were a strong selling point. With the additional inclusion of some screen art from the actual game, an additional interest in the game is offered to add both color and excitement to this rather large piece of browser real estate. In this case we used the well known helper boot that Descent owners are familiar with as a graphic element. The hotshot also offers a great opportunity for strong product and developer branding. Additional banners are shown below.

The elements shown at left in the margin are margin spots and/or trigger buttons, often part of an online buy. This offers a continued opportunity for product branding, while it also can drive messaging and achieve desired objective as effectively as other units.

PC Vs. Console

This clearly not a topic we are qualified to discuss, although it is of some importance in the gaming world. The PC gamier is plagued with hardware issues while his reward is high. The addition of audio, video and 3-D cards is a burden, although for most gamers that is all part of the allure. With console games, the consoles are generally plug and play (if you are more or less a rocket scientist or a 12-year old kid, and offer incredible graphics, audio and video at 1/10 the cost of the average PC. The PC can also accommodate the emulator, which can play console games in ROMs and other formats. But beware, having those ROMs is illegal. Look at popular gaming sites and search engines for emulators, and you too can play some great console games without a console.









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