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Titles and Ad Units
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Sample Ad Units - Freespace2

We have attempted to present ad units as they might appear in an active campaign at a network advertiser like or There's a whole lot of flashing stuff — probably more than you might normally see, but we wanted to showcase the work as well as to make it easy and convenient to view a lot of units at once.

The objective of this particular campaign was to incite interest about the release of Freespace2, convey its October availability and encourage game demo download at the Freespace2 Web site. This particular push followed a campaign that was designed to get visitors to view and download the game trailer and create the initial product buzz. In addition, Clixmedia wanted to achieve some product branding as the successor to the popular Freespace title.

In the advertorial hotspot (shown along right), the objective is to present testimonials from industry professionals in conjunction with certain game elements and demo offering. The hotspot is a unique selling vehicle in that it appeals to a different consumer mentality and offers the additional value in online media buys to capture a bigger potential audience. With Freespace2, the game features and testimonials were a strong selling point. With the additional inclusion of some screen art from the actual game, an additional interest in the game is offered to add both color and excitement to this rather large piece of browser real estate. The hotspot also offers a great opportunity for strong product branding.

The elements shown at left in the margin are margin spots and trigger buttons, often part of an online buy. This offers a continued opportunity for product branding, while it also can drive messaging and achieve desired objective as effectively as other units.

From Main Street to Mainframe

As a marketing and communications company present prior to the mass movement to digital commerce, we have embraced the Internet as a vehicle for expression, the free forum for the exchange of information and ideas, and for the creation of an environment for the advancement of communications and ultimately of this strange beast we call mankind. Although some may argue that the commercialism (among other things) of this network is obscene. Without the strong interest of businesses, governments and individuals in the Web-as-phenomenon, we certainly would not be living in an age where we gloat over fruit-colored, futuristic Internet appliances like Apple's iMac — or we all rush to get our own personal Dot Com before the freaks in the Bible Belt get there first (too late for that have you visited The job of the interactive agency is to develop effective communications that capitalize on media trends. That's why we are always filling our content shells with these types of prosaic, run-on-sentence rants that, if edited properly, might actually be provocative and even controversial. But for the most part it's just a new form of typographic greeking. On the Internet, everything is in the comping phase.



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