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Titles and Ad Units
  Apache Havoc
  R/C Stuntcopter












Sample Ad Units - R/C Stuntcopter

We have attempted to present ad units as they might appear in an active campaign at a network advertiser. There's a whole lot of flashing stuff, but we wanted to showcase the work as well as to make it easy and convenient to view.

The objective of this particular campaign was to incite interest about the release of R/C Stuntcopter. In addition, Clixmedia wanted to achieve some product branding in association with the successful Descent series.

In the advertorial hotspot (shown along right), the objective is to present testimonials from industry professionals in conjunction with certain game elements and calls to action. The hotspot is a unique selling vehicle in that it appeals to a different consumer mentality and offers the additional value in online media buys to capture a bigger potential audience.

Bandwidth and Brandwidth

The environment in which we operate on the Internet is constantly evolving. The vehicles that can be used to develop for the Web are continually changing. New magic replaces old magic in weeks and even days. With standard banner advertising, we were once limited to the giant format known as GIF. This was huge — consider the progress from the flip-book, or let's face it — how 'bout the abacus? But as more users get connected to the Internet, the large telecoms will gradually saturate the growing market with high-speed Internet access, and Web content and marketing methods will evolve as the mass market gets fatter pipes. This will enable the expanded development of more rich media content. But that day is now. Key managers should push the current technologies to offer more effective marketing today — even as the technology and connectivity infrastructure continues to be invented. The message in the Internet economy today is clear. Businesses must adapt. The opportunity for innovation and creativity is something the smart and sage entrepreneur should recognize, and the necessity for the investment of energy in such creative endeavors is, to that person, a key responsibility for anyone of conscience.







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