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Custom publication can be an effective method for developing and strengthening existing customer relationships, as well as sales development and product/corporate brand building. There are many vehicles for such distribution. One of the most exciting and cost effective methods for distribution is via online vehicles. These can be delivered via e-mail, but they may also be delivered in other, possibly more innovative ways as well. Another method for distributing "e-publications" is by using Adobe's Acrobat Portable Document Format (.pdf). This is a very effective method for delivering four-color publications of smalll or significant length in a small file size. these can be offered for download at a Web site or in e-mail companions.

This type of marketing runs rampant around the Internet, and it is important for any company attempting such tactics to ensure that their strategy is dignified and somehow rises above the truly offensive and virtually totally hated spamming methods of many marketing ploys. The opt-in/opt-out method is certainly one way to achieve this. Product and service offerings that offer substantial utility are obviously better than gratuitous and frivolous solicitations of crap that go in milllions of digital trash cans daily. Clixmedia can help you to develop a publication that suits your needs and budget, and one that gets filed somewhere other than the refuse heap. Please visit the iPublish! portion of this Web site for more information about custom publication. Whether a custom publication is delivered online or off-line, Clixmedia can create publications suited to your specific marketing and communication plan.

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