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Clixmedia has a more broad model of database marketing. Database marketing as most know it preceeds the Internet by many years. The culling and mining of information has always been important to most business that have a customer base. The storage of such data is fetish to many marketing freaks. The Internet offers a new model of database marketing that is innovative and powerful, yet simple and accessible to the average joe.

The interactivity that the Internet offers is a powerful tool. Real-time, form based data submission offers the opportunity to capture yadabytes of customer information, that, if analyzed and reviewed, can be a powerful tool in developing effective products and marketing strategies.

Clixmedia can assist in all phases of database marketing. We can consult initially in building the initial framework for your company's database implementation. Based on the type of business you do, and the specific logistics of your business and its distribution channels, etc., we can create a database structure that facilitates your needs. If you already have implemented some form of database, we can help you with it to streamline protocols and implement new scripts and systems to enhance the value of your treasured data.

The broad model we hold is that the accessibility of the Internet and the power of the technology to allow interactivity in real-time with data permits an innovative forum for creating marketing tools. This allows the integration of creativity, interactivity, market research and data-mining in one powerful Web-based vehicle.

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