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Media purchasing is a critical aspect of any truly viable marketing plan. In the expenditure of any marketing dollars, it is important to direct spending to targeted audiences, delivering specific messages that are statistically prone to generate response and revenue. As part of an integrated marketing plan and as part of a relationship with an interactive agency, strategic buying of media is an important capability to seek in a new media company. Clixmedia offers the ability to purchase and track your advertising based on any media strategy. These services are extended to print, radio and Web advertising vendors. This service includes the negotiation of competitive rates and placement, as well as follow-up reporting and analysis. In the case of online buys, we can modify a campaign in real-time based on active response reports from the running site.

We can obviously work with a predetermined plan provided to us. Our contacts with large network advertisers and specific-interest portals enables us to negotiate highly competitive rates, offering the most value for your advertising budget. Moreover, we can develop complete media plans for your business and its services as well. Understanding media data on the Internet is different than in traditional media, and we have the experience and knowledge with both traditional media and the Internet to offer highly effective media purchasing strategies to any client.

Demographic data and reporting offered in media kits for online advertisers is often misleading. Many times the representatives from major network sites are not proficient enough with Internet technologies to offer the right information you need to justify pouring thousands of dollars into a buy at their site. We understand this environment in order to offer knowledge and insight that will serve your message to the right eyeballs, both online and off. We offer these services under various contract arrangements.

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