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In conjuction with media buying or as an individual service, Clixmedia offers media planning, tracking and follow-up reporting for your marketing strategy. New media advertising offers a powerful method for branding and targeted sales. Executing a successful media plan requires specific knowledge of new media advertising and the available vehicles and resellers for specific targets. This is an ability Clixmedia is excited to offer to our prospects.

Clixmedia has established direct contacts with large network advertisers as well as many specific-interest portals, in addition to access to standard metric reporting data. This promotes our ability to develop effective plans for media purchasing and to deliver targeted messaging designed to maximize reponse. In addition, the Internet often allows for complete revision on-the-fly in real-time during the run of an online buy. Real-time reporting gives us access to the response data down to the specific unit of any campaign we place with an advertiser. Units can be modified based on the data in order to achieve maximum response.

Follow-up reporting is offered as part of the service. This provides a complete analysis of the response in any executed media buy in addition to a complete cost-per-click or cost-per-action report. Generally, online advertising is purchased on a basis of impressions or clicks, so that a campaign runs until the specific impression rate or clickthrough has been achieved. Clixmedia can offer the most value for your advertising dollar by exposing your message to the right audience.

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