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The key to completing any interactive or print project is in project management. As Clixmedia has listed numerous capabilities, a cornerstone for us is the ability to manage workflow in multiple capacity using various media and methods. We can assimilate to many work environments, which makes Clixmedia a versatile agent. As an affilate playing the role of PM, or project manager, we are able to command projects effectively, overseeing all aspects though the conduit of project manager.

The PM is the critical link in any implementation. The PM serves as the gatekeeper for all project input and output. By channelling workflow through the Project Manager, all phases of any project can be managed and facilitated efficiently and expeditiously. All schedules are executed by the PM based on their ability to schedule and accomplish all tasks in accordance with the project timeline.

Clixmedia has established various workflow protocols to deliver effective communication solutions to our clients in a streamlined fashion. These protocols are designed to maximize efficiency throughout all phases of a project. The PM serves as liason both internally and externally, although not in all cases. Whether you utilize project management services in conjunction with a project which has originated outside of Clixmedia, or in association with a project concepted in-house, these services (although often invisible) are critical to our process — and yours.

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