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A successful Web site is successful on a variety of different merits. Depending on the specific objectives you have set forth for your Web project, a good Web developer should offer a site that considers these needs and responds with a complete Web strategy that meets these objectives and offers value to the project.

At Clixmedia, we offer superior Web development services. Although all of the services listed in this section are part of a successful Web venture, Clixmedia offers Web development solutions for any level of entry. We can work with an existing site to implement new programs and make improvements or revisions, or we can work with startups who have no presence at all. Domain name registration and hosting, site planning, production, management and implementation, site promotion, marketing, advertising and revision — we can assist in any phase of development.

Specific aspects of Web development services offered at Clixmedia include site mapping, DHTML/HTML and XML authoring, multiple format database creation and management in conjunction with active server pages, form-based HTML, cgi scripting, etc., graphic production and palette optimization, batch image processing, java development, javascript, Web hosting and maintenance, server administration on backend and more.

In conjunction with Web development, Web design and interactive creative direction are an integral part of the development process. This is the synthesis of the left and right brain. The collaboration of the developer and the creative serve to deliver effective Web solutions.

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