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A client approached us seeking to offer more than a corporate Web site for its customers, but had a limited budget for the project. We incepted a Web program designed to offer product warranty registration, dealer location, technical support, support archives, online publications, documentation and customer support. The client maintained the initial site infrastructure as they added the e-commerce capability to increase their distribution.

A communications company used a creative theme for its interface as well as a mechanism to categorize its rich content. The interface accomplishes an efficient navigation experience. We collaborated to create an online library of the firms archive of its corporate publication. We assisted them in presenting their award-winning portfolio in a manner reflecting the values inherent on their work.

Both clients had a need for flexibility and style. We brought them realistic solutions for their ever changing needs. In addition to this brief and anonyomus description of effective programs, we encourage you to visit the display of ad units we did for a cool computer gaming company.

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